Fixture lists - Scottish Seniors

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Non SSGS members can play in super seniors open and 1 other super senior event prior to joining the society. If you wish to play in more events, including our non-super senior events then society membership fees are applicable, annual subscription of £25 for existing members and £40 for new members must accompany 1st entry submitted. Maximum handicap for super senior events only is 15.4
All prizes earned will be paid by vouchers which have a 12-month validity. If vouchers are not presented to SSGS within this period, then they will be invalidated.

Following feedback from various sources, it has been agreed by the committee that in future no vouchers will be issued under £20 in value. To enable this to happen ties for prizes in all categories will now be decided by the better 2nd round score, BIH of second round etc.

2021 will see an inaugural super senior’s match against the UK seniors golf association, after postponement from 2020.

The event, to be held at royal burgess g c (Edinburgh) is scheduled for Monday/Tuesday 6th & 7th September 2021. Each team will comprise 10 players.

The draws for the 2021 events can be viewed via draw and results page in due course.

Please note that the restriction on number of players aged under 55 have been removed from all SSGS competitions with effect from 1st January 2019.

Entries close 28 days prior to event at 12:00 noon.

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